119: Sowing the Garden



After using the Leap Motion controller, our team decided on making a gardening simulator. The idea is that users of the program will be able to relaxingly use hand gestures to create their own gardens with a variety of plants of different colors and types. In doing so, the player is rewarded for he efforts by increasingly visually impressive gardens to show off to friends akin to Farmville but in a 3D space, but more intuitively interactive.

Players will first have to move dirt particles out of the way to make room for seeds to be buried and subsequently watered. As time progresses, the sunlight and watering will fill meters next to the plants, progressing said plants through different stages of development. Our team is planning on showcasing the game at MATC’s Portfolio Night later on in the semester, so we all felt that this would be the best style of game to show. Event attendees will be able to casually walk by and see the progress of other players and add to the garden as the booth becomes open to them, encouraging collaboration.

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