119: Succulent Success Sucks


Today it was decided that moving forward, our team would only be using the succulent class of plants. While I am disappointed by the news, I understand it. Our class does not have a programmer in it, so we’ve been outsourcing the work to another student in the department. Based on the limited time his schedule allows for him to work with us, adding the seed packet trading system that would allow users access to new classes of plants isn’t feasible in the time frame we have allotted to finish this game to be turned in at midterm.

I do plan on still modeling the other classes we had planned in the hopes that updates can possibly be made to the game before Portfolio Night in May. As it stands, I now have all but the capstone plant for the succulents modeled. All in all, this has been a fun project to work on, and an informative one at that, seeing as I had no idea what a xmas cactus was, or that succulent was specific species of plant as well as a genus. I think that if updates are to be made to this game in the future, that adding descriptions, trivia, and other uncommonly known facts to the ui of the game would be welcome additions.

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