131: A Game of Our Own

2016-05-09-1462761733-5966723-chooseyourownNow that the last round of games is over, it’s time to plan for the game we’ll be making for the rest of the class. I have a feeling that the group I’ve playtested and presented with will be the group I continue with going forward. I had an idea I wanted to pitch, but with how well we all took to making our “Best Game Ever” presentation about “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” I believe that we will be going in a route more influenced by that than the idea I initially had.

While brainstorming, we came up with an idea about making three races all competing for conquest, each with a weakness versus one race, and a strength to the other. One thought was to make each race based off of rocks paper and scissors respectively, but ultimately I think we are going with a sci-fi theme of humans, aliens, and robots.

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