127: Order Up

The best way to learn anything is through experience. In this course, my peers and I will be learning the ins and outs of agile management through the lens of creating a board game. Each team member will be presenting their own idea for a game next week in class. Once those ideas are presented, we’ll be setting tasks for one another, swapping out between the roles of developer, scrum lead, and product manager.

A common saying when creating content is that you should always “write what you know.” I’ve been part-time in the service industry for a little over 5 years now. Also consider that I was introduced to tabletop gaming about 2 years into that “career” choice, and ever since I’ve been gamifying every task related aspect of my life since then. With all of that in mind, the game I plan on presenting to class tomorrow will be one based on being a server in a restaurant.

I’ve written up a really short summary of what I want for the game (linked here). I don’t want to flesh it out too much, as I suspect that part of the development process for this game will involve, well.. developing. The gist of what I’ve linked to essentially goes as follows:

  • 2-4 competitive players
  • Players are closing servers at *insert-a-restaurant*
  • Players have 3 stats
    • Energy (The ability to do things during your turn)
    • Management (The ability to do multiple things during your turn)
    • Charisma (The abilitiy to make the things you do better)
  • Turns start with drawing from the deck of reservations
  • Players compete for highest Tip/Sales ratio

Beyond that, we will flesh out as a group assuming my game is chosen.

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