127: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This


I wasn’t particularly certain about my goal this week as far as tasks went. It’s no so much that I have nothing to do, I’m just not fully certain where my contributions are supposed to fit in. Last week I came up with a couple buffs to be used for the card aspect of our game, and now those are being reworked into the format of my team member Dawn’s design. I personally preferred her layout to mine and encouraged her to adopt what she finds interesting from my work into her own. After bouncing ideas, I’m actually pretty impressed with the work she’s turned out so far.

Since she is working on buffs now, and I’m more of a consultant on the topic versus active developer, I decided to work on detailing a pvp resolution mechanic for our game, as it was one of the only two cards left. Fair enough, after our group’s discussion at the end of class last week, I felt inspired to work on this topic anyway. I started off with my usual research (procrastination) habit of browsing rpg subreddits, I came across an article (linked here) about the Rule of Three Clues and how it could be used to tie narrative to mechanic. Seeing as our game is about investigation, I got the idea that maybe we could use the event cards in our game as ways to show progress for players. I came up with the idea of map specific events that would have points about them that could be used to either prove or disprove paranormal activity, with certain events having more points that lead one way versus the other.

After reviewing stand ups today, I had seen that two other group members who had been tasked with the general pve win/loss mechanic for our game had already included pvp resolutions in their posts. This is where the issue I’ve been having of where my work fits in stems from. Not to let the week be a total wash, I looked inward to what my job for our game is, more specifically, what I’m going to school for in the first place. Art. With that in mind, I looked on pluralsight for videos related to character design then whipped up a quick rough of what I felt the “Skeptic” class in our game might look like (pictured above). I figured a retired cop, Han Solo-esque look would be appropriate and now here I am. Below are the two initial sketches I did in order to get a feel for the pose and energy I felt the character should portray.

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