127: Enter.. All Ye Who Dare


The team has spoken and it looks like the board game that we will be building for class this semester is going to be a multiplayer paranormal investigation game. Although I wasn’t physically in class to pitch my own idea for a game, I’m fine with the result. I’m actually a little excited to be honest. One of my favorite purchases of recent years has been the tabletop game Betrayal at House on the Hill (pictured above) for the exploration and variety of gameplay scenarios that it creates. The idea of working on something similar with a group of my peers seems really interesting, so to help everyone get an idea of the mindset I’m coming into this project with, I’ll be bringing my copy of this game to show around. Who knows, if time allows, we might even play a session of it. All that said, I’m still in quite a bit of considerable pain, so I’m going to keep this blog post short and end here.

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