110: Winds of Change

kai-zen-1An agile ship will raise its anchors and change course when it sees a storm approaching. In this same vein, our Agile managed team should be able to recognize what is slowing our own progress, find solutions, and change our course of action to avoid our own incoming storms.

Just as the sea is full of many storms, this won’t be the last time we will need to reevaluate our thinking in how we self manage ourselves. The idea of Kai-Zen is that we will, and should be, constantly changing for the better.

“Doing the same thing, and expecting different results,” is the oft cited definition of insanity, and with that in mind, it’s time we looked inward at what craziness we’ve been allowing to slow us down.

From easiest problem, to most severe issue

  1. Commitment: With team numbers dropping from 8 at the start of class, to just 3 in our final weeks, it’s imperative that we hold on fast to what we have. That said if the team we’ve currently got hasn’t been scared off yet, I’d say we’re safe.
  2. Communication: Keeping in contact with one another has been an issue from the start, but strides have been made on all sides of the table to make sure it hasn’t gone too far.
  3. Getting Outside: Here we have, in my opinion, our first major problem. As a group of semesters, we’re going to need to rally together in order to shift our development from the waterfall that it is, into a lean mean surveying machine.
  4. Documentation: There other big problem I feel holding our team back as a whole is the proper logging of work, both completed and needed. I personally feel that tackling this problem alone could greatly increase our team effectiveness, while simultaneously stimulating positive change as far as our other 3 problems are concerned.

So how do we solve?

Well, it is my opinion that, by under utilizing our Google+ team community page, we our simply hampering ourselves. A change in the posting culture on our team page is essential for growth. From getting members more involved to increase commitment and communication to getting that visible and concrete body of work that we desperately need, I feel that the more posts, regardless of the polish they may have, will only benefit the team in the long run. To inspire this change, I’ve taken to posting direct shareable links with commenting privileges of all my work to the G+ page, finished work or not.

Change won’t come without effort, I just hoped that it wasn’t too late.

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