110: What Can We Make? (Platforms/Goals)

gts-1When it comes down to it, the Game Industry is an industry, and industries exist around the idea of making a product. If you want your product to be successful, there are quite a few variables to deal with in any market; selling games is far more than just fun and games. Chapter 2 of Game Development Essentials asks us to look at where we put our games and to think about how that will impact its development. From the portability of a handheld device or the pre-installed user base of a mobile app, to the wider accessibility of consoles or the freedom from hardware limitations on a pc. What people have the ability to play your game on has a serious impact on who is going to be playing your game, how often/long they’ll playing, and how you’ll be able to make a profit off of them playing.

Just as we should have a goal in mind for ourselves when creating a product for our consumer base, we should be considering the goals of our consumers and what will drive them towards our product in the first place. In the following chapter, the idea of what purpose a game can serve is brought up. Some assume games are made for a pure entertainment value, a game just to be a game. While this may hold true for certain games, dependent mostly on the consumer, much more can be taken from the titles we release. Games with an emphasis on larger player sizes within a single instance, like mmos, can provide a social safe place for people to interact with others in a way never before conceivable. Our products can even be used as a means of education, through the gamification of different real world tasks. These games can be used to teach shapes and words to children, offer a cheaper, more accessible digital instrument (like a virtual piano) to learn music on, or provide a safe simulation for future pilots to practice landing air crafts with.

We need to really think about the game we want to produce moving forward. There are more than a few platforms out there to release games on, and many more genres to release them in. With an digital only retail release via Kongregate in mind, my team and I need to develop a game that is going to appeal to more pc oriented users. If we can hone in on what it is that our intended market wants in a game, and what purpose our game will serve, we have a good chance of creating a successful product.

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