115: The Game of Genres

There is a form of media or entertainment for pretty much every personality out there, and videogames are no exception. Quite a lot actually goes in to determining what genre a game might be. As well, there are exponentially more nuances that go in to what subgenre that game could be categorized within there. From interface reasons such as camera ranging from first person to third person to top down to side scrolling all being able to describe four different shooter games. To theme and setting adding an entirely different layer to things, creating, for example, either a Sci-Fi galaxy or a fantasy world for an rpg to explore. Even the notion of how many players and their relationship with eachother in the gamespace can have an effect on the genre. A single player story shooter like Vanquish or Bayonetta is different from a cooperative team shooter like Borderlands or Army of Two is different from a competitive online shooter like Call of Duty.

In class we went over what game genres existed in an attempt to narrow down which genre we’d eventually pick to make a game for. As we all quickly found out, there are a lot of genres for games. More so, I feel, than any other media for the simple fact that how we interact with the game can change its genre just as much as the setting its in or the story it is trying to tell.

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